Words, suffering, death...

The motif of Virginia Woolf’s suicidal death and its influence on her literary output recurs incessantly in Marek’s publications and presentations. So it was on 16 February 2016 when the Cracow Museum of Pharmacy at 25 Floriańska in Kraków witnessed his multimedia presentation entitled Virginia Woolf: Words, suffering, death. The event, which was intended to commemorate Ms Agnieszka Trutwin, to whom we bade final farewell on 13 October, 2015, was held in the heart of Kraków, in the dim-lit main hall of the museum, which is one of the hidden jewels on the list of the city’s main places to see and to be seen at. Lavishly decorated premises, full of pharmaceutical vessels and utensils,  were an ideal setting for the event which attracted the cream of Kraków’s academics as well as other guests and visitors.

The presentation of the paper, written and delivered by Marek with the IT support by Andrzej Trojnar, triggered off an ardent discussion, fanned by the intriguing questions from Prof. Anna Walczuk of the Jagiellonian University's Institute of English Studies of as well as Prof. Zbigniew Bela of Collegium Medicum's Faculty of Pharmaceutics who, as the head of the museum, hosted the event.

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