Triangles on Squares

Another part of the Bloomsbury project was now to be seen as a jocular intermedial presentation called Triangles on Squares (Trójkąty na Kwadratach) prepared by Marek with the pianist Marta Mołodyńska as well as two students, Mateusz Ćwiertnia and the young cinematographer Michał Kuś, for the Atropos gallery in Kraków’s Zabłocie.

Its main subject was the infamous Bloomsburian ménages à trois that existed hidden in the local squares.  The whole enterprise culminated in the intermedial presentation Painterly Impressions in Virginia Woolf’s Literary Output (Impresje Malarskie w Twórczości Virginii Woolf) that was devised for and conducted in the bookshop Bona in Kraków. It was prepared by the same line-up supported by a group of students at the Institute of English Studies of the Jagiellonian University. The idea behind it was to read Woolf’s prose counterpointed by a selection of Impressionist paintings and samples of music that were supposed to illustrate the text.

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